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The Co Innovate programme is aimed at supporting local businesses to work smarter.

Co-InnovateThrough the programme we will show you how to add value to your business, how to stand out from the crowd in today’s busy marketplace and help to equip your business for future challenges.

The overall aim of the programme is to help you boost your bottom-line.

What’s involved?

  • Attendance at an Innovation workshop
  • Business Status Review *
  • Innovation Audit *
  • Further access to specialist one to one mentoring*

*subject to successful application

What will I get out of it?

Each company’s innovation and development needs will differ, so every company’s journey through the programme will be unique. High growth potential businesses with strong innovation potential can access support including;

  • Up to 10 days of consultancy advice, resulting in the development of a targeted action plan
  • Up to fifty per cent funding for a dedicated 12 month project manager to deliver product or process innovation
  • Up to fifty per cent funding for a business-to-business, collaborative R&D or product/service development project, with partners to be drawn from the other jurisdiction (for example, Republic of Ireland company to partner with business in UK)
  • Participation in a sector specific network which will bring together businesses, organisations or academic institutions from across Co-Innovate’s eligible regions. Fifty per cent funding available

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This programme is funded by Interegg and EU funding.

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