Explore your new business idea through our Exploring Enterprise Programme

January 12th, 2017

As a pre start business development programme our Exploring Enterprise Programme (EEP3) is ideal to approach a new business idea or to simply improve your skills and enhance your job prospects.

This programme is ideal for anyone who has been out of the labour market for a while, recently made redundant, or has retired. Are you a stay at home mum and who would love to work from home when the kids are at school? – This programme will motivate, inspire and give you the confidence to get into business or find work.

exploring enterprise

Develop your hoppy into a profitable business

Hobbyists can often develop their craft into a profitable business with a little planning and support.  You may have a skill which you could use to generate income on a self-employed business.  You could be involved in craft, classes, baking and services but just not sure.

Imagine waking up in the morning and doing what you love in a flexible manner that fits in with your family life.  Work life balance is very important in today’s fast moving world, self-employment can give you that balance and be very rewarding. 

You don’t have to go it alone, with support from a business adviser you will be along with a group of like-minded people who are all feeling the same and aspiring to give it a go and improve on their business skills through this programme.  Networking opportunities are also really beneficial on the programme with the other participants as well a group study visit to experience enterprise first hand with local businesses.

Format of the programme

The programme is delivered over a series of informal workshops where you will get the opportunity to look at self-employment options, developing the skills you need for self-employment, understanding the resources you should have in place when starting your business, looking at how a business model works and what you want to research when you are starting a business. 

The programme will help build your confidence as well as enable you to gain a qualification in Understanding Business Enterprise which will boost your CV.  Further to the workshops everyone gets an opportunity to participate in one to one support with an experienced adviser who has first-hand experience of self-employment start-up who can give you guidance and assistance with your business start-up.  You may decide on completion of the programme that self-employment is not for you and that you would prefer assistance with developing your CV and improving your interview skills.

We are taking applications for the programme until Thursday 20th January 2017 and the workshops start on Monday 23rd January.  We will deliver 5 workshops in total and each participant can then avail of further support on a one to one basis from their adviser.   

Contact Patricia on 028 7962 8113 or email patricia.elliott@theworkspacegroup.org and secure your place on this programme today!

We are really excited to welcome all participants to the programme and help them take their first step toward a qualification in Understanding Business Enterprise in 2017.

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