7 unexpected signs of entrepreneurs

May 20th, 2015

We recently found an interesting article about the 7 unexpected signs of entrepreneurs.

This post was originally published by HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes on the LinkedIn Influencer blog. Follow Ryan on LinkedIn.

7 unexpected signs of entrepreneurs

To be an Entrepreneur, you have to be passionate, resilient, tenace, tolerant to ambiguity, have vision, flexibility, believe in yourself and a rule breaker. But there are more subtle qualities needed, as well.

We have noticed that entrepreneurs share some common personality traits.

1) You’re restless, and no achievement ever seems good enough

An entrepreneur thinks, “Great, what’s next?”

2) You’re a control freak 

It’s great to have a CEO who cares about all the details of a company, but when that person needs to be involved at every level, it can become detrimental to getting things done.

3) You’re a masochist 

As an entrepreneur, you’ve got to love a little pain and a lot of risks. Consider the fact that 75 percent of new startups fail. Only a masochist sets himself up to face that kind of odds, straight out of the gate. And it doesn’t get much better after that, at least not at first. You’ll struggle for money. You’ll work unimaginably long hours. You’ll be lonely because while everyone else is out partying or watching movies, you’re toiling away … often alone. Serial entrepreneurs—who start and run businesses one after another—could be considered even more masochistic, because they go into each new venture knowing what’s coming.

4) You have a love-hate relationship with money

Entrepreneurs generally fall in love with making money really early in life.

Eventually, many entrepreneurs are driven less by money and more by the innate thrill of launching a new venture and the freedom and control that come with it.

5) You’re a black sheep, and maybe even a dropout

Many entrepreneurs describe themselves as not fitting in with the crowd.

While it’s not always easy to be the outsider, it’s exactly this quality— seeing things through a different lens from the rest of the world—that can help move society forward and drive innovation.

6) People think you’re crazy

Because entrepreneurs tend to think along different wavelengths, their ambitions can often come across as crazy to friends and family—especially before the vision has been made a reality.

7) You’re somewhat introverted

Research suggests that introverts in the workplace foster a better team environment than their extroverted peers. And introverts are also known to be good listeners, a greatly overlooked but an essential asset for good leadership. Few of the entrepreneurs I know are loud or assertive, especially not in big groups or meetings.

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