Financial management for start-ups

March 4th, 2015

Financial Management: Get it right at the start!

Running true businesses require not just extraordinary talent but an uncanny ability to match costs with revenues. And that’s where our expertise kicks in, helping young entrepreneurs master the art of incise financial management.

The most important rule of staring up a business is: DON’T panic! At the starting your business can be a financial roller-coaster. There is an element of uncertainty every month.

You have to be ask yourself: Can you afford not to have a regular income?

Either way your answer is, you have to learn to get organised and to manage your finances in order to have a successful business.

Financial Management

Most businesses are seasonal and cyclic in nature and having cash reserves helps immensely in striking better bargains, pricing products accurately and taking calculated risks at regular intervals.

Workspace Enterprises help entrepreneurs who have left the security of a cushy job and taken the plunge into the ruthless waters of the start-up world only to emerge stronger, richer and wiser. We have the Business Start-up programme and as part of it we have a series of workshops, including Financial Management.

Our customized training program has been designed to keep this aspect in mind and helps you apportion money appropriately for all possible eventualities and unexpected expenses with the help of interactive videos, case studies and understanding all elements of working capital management.

It is said that the finest steel goes through the hottest fire and that’s what our program does to participants. Have a chat with our executives to learn more about this distinctive training program.

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