What is a Social Enterprise?

February 23rd, 2015

Workspace is committed to developing social enterprises in Northern Ireland.

Social Enterprises are businesses with a difference. They are businesses in the sense that they are managed and structured like any other commercial enterprise. Yet they are also unique in that they are founded and run not for profit. Social enterprises are there to help and not to make money.

Social Enterprises are created to benefit some group or individuals in society. They are businesses with a difference in that they seek to serve and improve the community, first and foremost. They seek to apply the strategies of the business world in order to solve some social problems or provide help to some group.  A social enterprise, business is doing some good in society.

Social enterprises are founded by social entrepreneurs. That is they are founded by those with the aim of helping some targeted group or individuals in the community. The Social entrepreneur sees their business as a means to provide help to the needy or as a way of improving society.  Many social enterprises are charities or are in the voluntary sector. Not all Social enterprises are charities and those who work for them are paid for their knowledge and expertise. Many social enterprises are registered companies. However, the main function of the enterprises is not to make a profit but to make things better in society. Social enterprises are generally run by private individuals but they often benefit from state grants and aid. Whether they are charities or registered companies all social enterprises are devoted to helping the deserving in our society or making it a better place to live in. In a sense they help us all.

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprises make a positive impact upon their community in many ways. Their activities help people to find jobs, provide services that enable people to overcome their problems or have a positive impact on society as a whole. In particular social enterprises seek to help the disadvantaged and marginalized in our community. Social Enterprises take a positive approach to problems faced by people and use business models to provide a solution. They are usually creative, forward thinking and innovative organizations.

Workspace is itself a non-profit enterprise and is therefore uniquely placed to help those who wish to start a business that is dedicated to social improvement. We can offer a range of specialized services that can help those who wish to become a social entrepreneur and who believe they can make a positive impact on their community in some way. Workspace can help you to make your community a better place.

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