Free Business start up training

February 19th, 2015

If you are thinking about starting your own business (maybe this was one of your New Year’s resolutions!) then you can’t miss this opportunity.

Calling for entrepreneurs!

Business start trainig

Free Business start up training during March 2015

Workspace Enterprises in collaboration with Network Personnel are going to hold a Free business start up training programme.

This 4 module training is a very complete course that covers from Market research to Financial management and that will provide a base to help you start your business. This training is oriented to people with no previous experience with business but if you have some knowledge, you might find this course helpful as well.

The duration of this training is 2 weeks in which 4 modules will be covered.

Module 1: Market Research

This module is delivered by Gerry Lynch, who has over 20 years experience in consultancy and training. Gerry will explain why (and how) researching the market before starting a business will help you to identify if there is a real demand for what you are planning to sell.

To see more about Market research, see this video.

Tuesday 3rd March 7-9 pm @ Network Personnel. Register here.

Module 2: Marketing

Gerry will walk you through the essentials of Marketing, a fundamental part of your business start up.

This part of the training will help you to understand marketing strategies and will enable you to plan your own.

Read the 7 steps Marketing for startup business article.

Wednesday  4th March  7-9 pm @ Network Personnel.

Module 3: Book Keeping

Lois Farr will explain what every small business owner needs to know about book keeping and taxes.
She will give you useful tips to keep your accounts under control.

Tuesday 10th March 7-9 pm @ Network Personnel.

Module 4: Financial Management

You will find when you start your business you’ll face seasonal peaks and troughs. A well organised business owner will understand the need to keep funds in reserve for the bad times. Lois will be covering those topics and can help you plan for most eventualities.

Wednesday  11th March 7-9 pm @ Network Personnel.

If you would like to attend, please book your place or contact us on 02879628113.

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