Local Firm among top performing social enterprises

May 31st, 2014

Among the best performing social enterprises in Northern Ireland is a not-for-profit firm based in Draperstown.

The ‘Workspace Group’ is one of the top three fastest growing social enterprises in Northern Ireland.

A social enterprise is a business which trades with a social or environmental purpose rather than being focused primarily on the bottom line.

According to recent data, social enterprises are out-performing the rest of the UK economy in terms of growth. The Royal Bank of Scotland SE100 data report shows that social enterprises in Northern Ireland recorded an average growth of 18 per cent.

The Workspace Group is second in terms of growth to only one other social enterprise in the whole of Northern Ireland.

They work with a host of other businesses in order to provide help and to stimulate the local economy, getting people back to work.

The Workspace Group, who also has an office on Rainey Street in Magherafelt, provide business support services and business property. They are also involved in recruitment, training and employment initiatives, energy efficiency and insulation, event management, childcare and recreational activities.

These commercial activities are pursued to generate profits that are used to benefit the local community.

The figures also show that social enterprises in Northern Ireland recorded an average turnover of £4,567,301.

Peter Ibbetson, Chairman, small business, RBS commented: “The SE100 helps us demonstrate the unique roll this sector plays in terms of its social impact and rapidly increasing contribution to the UK economy.”

By Niall Deeney
County Derry Post

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