Local Business Start Launches New Product Range

June 24th, 2016

Every so often we support a new business start-up that does something that is totally unique and different. A few months ago Ryan O’Reilly decided to his marry his skills as a graphic designer and his love for cycling to create a cycling-inspired art and apparel brand called Victory Chimp.

Through the power of social media and the local cycling fraternity Victory Chimp started to sell a range of limited edition tee shirts and prints through its website and at local cycling events. This enabled the brand to get an established following online and allow Ryan the opportunity to look at introducing a new range of Victory Chimp products to the marketplace. Victory Chimp is an example of a local entrepreneur reaching markets far and beyond the local Northern Ireland marketplace, with sales of apparel and gifts to the likes of USA, Australia and Asia.

This week saw a new range of products launched including limited Edition Giclee prints featuring Divis Hill, Spelga Dam and Torr Head.

Victory Chimp also launched a line of cycling socks this week. The range incorporates the very latest Italian fabric technology and Victory Chimps unique graphic style into a high-quality, durable technical sock.

To see the full range of Victory Chip products visit their website www.victorychimp.com.

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Ryan O’Reilly displaying his new product range
launched this week

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